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Gait Analysis

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How can Gait analysis help you?

Gait Analysis is a method used by physiotherapists to assess the way an individual walks or runs. This sophisticated assessment tool is fundamental in identifying any abnormalities in movement patterns that could potentially lead to injuries or hinder performance. They'll be able to discuss exercises and work on any points of improvement. Whether you're recovering from an injury, a runner seeking to enhance your performance, or experiencing mobility issues due to chronic conditions, gait analysis can play a critical role in optimising your movement health.

Treatment can help with the following conditions


Benefits of Treatment

  • Identify biomechanical issues
  • Injury prevention
  • Enhance performance
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Ebraheim provides an amazing service. He quickly identified the issue I faced through a thorough investigation into my lifestyle and movement habits. He then gave me a rehab plan which he explained clearly to ensure my understanding. A very professional service, one I would highly recommend if in need of physio.
Charlie Mildren

Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to give excellent care, great customer service.

Anyone can benefit from gait analysis, especially individuals experiencing pain or discomfort while walking or running, those recovering from injury, athletes looking to improve their performance or individuals with  orthopaedic conditions affecting their mobility.

During a gait analysis, you'll be asked to walk or provide a video of you running while your physiotherapist observes your movement patterns.

Gait analysis can help identify abnormal movement patterns, asymmetries, imbalances, and inefficiencies that could be contributing to pain or injury.

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